Want to use some picture?

Thank you for reading our blog!

I guess you are on this page, because you want to use some of our pictures?
We own the copyright of all pictures on this site (”nature.tutrox.com”), and therefore you must follow the rules below, in order to use any picture. Breaking the rules is a violation of the copyright, which causes you to have to pay a compensation to the copyright owner ”nature.tutrox.com”.
How can I use the picture(s) in my projects?
You are entitled to use the pictures in 2 different ways.

Picture with watermark

I you choose to take one or more picture with watermark, you can use them from free! You may not, however, do the following:
• Use all pictures from a post. Max. 8 pictures!
• Use the pictures continuously. It’s ok that you use pictures (max. 8) every now and then, in a blog post for example, but don’t use them too often.
• Modify the picture in any means. Don’t try to remove the watermark, apply effects, write text in the picture, etc.!
• Don’t tell the picture is yours.
• Preferably tell that the picture is from us..
• The picture(s) may not be used commercially.

Picture without watermark

Contact us! Picture without watermarks are for sale, but you get more rights to use it/them.